When I talk about URL Structure I am referring to how your webpage addresses are displayed in the browser.

Shopify does not let you customize your URL structure. Every Shopify store follows the same structure as the examples below (which by the way is a quick way to identify if a store is using Shopify).

Pages: www.yourdomain.com/pages/about-us

Products: www.yourdomain.com/products/red-tshirt

Product Categories: www.yourdomain.com/collections/tshirts

Blog Posts: www.yourdomain.com/blogs/our-journey/18823275-my-first-blog-post
*In this example, the title of the blog is “Our Journey” and the blog post is titled “My First Blog Post”

So all pages include the word “pages” in the URL, and all collections include “collections” in the URL, and so on. And Collections can’t be renamed to “Categories” or “Series”. Your categories must be called “collections” on Shopify.

As you can see those URLs get pretty lengthy, especially for blog post which contain the word “blog” and the name of the blog in the URL.

This has always been a big drawback about Shopify in my opinion, possibly one of the biggest drawbacks. It’s just how their platform is built though, and it doesn’t appear like that is going to change anytime soon. Hopefully I am wrong in saying that, but I wouldn’t wait around for it.

Lemonstand allows you to customize your URL structure. This allows for shorter, cleaner, and sometimes more relevant URLs like these examples below:

Pages: www.yourdomain.com/about-us

Products: www.yourdomain.com/tshirts/red-tshirt

Product Categories: www.yourdomain.com/tshirts/

Blog Posts: www.yourdomain.com/blog/my-first-blog-post

Remember, those are just examples and not absolutes. For example, your product URLs don’t have to  include the category name like in the “tshirts” example above. You could just have “.com/red-tshirt” if you wanted.

The Winner

Huge win for Lemonstand. This is one of the big reasons I was searching again for Shopify alternatives. Content marketing is important to my business and I’d like to have the additional control over my URL structure.