Meta Tags are snippets of information that are visible to search engines and other websites, but don’t necessarily appear as text on the page itself. Title and Description are the most important ones to edit for every page and product, which both Shopify and Lemonstand allow you to do.

Meta Titles and Descriptions are most commonly visible on search engines and social media. They display meta information along with your link.

Here’s an example of meta-tags in action on Facebook. If I share the link “” it auto-populates the title and description of the link from Shopify’s meta info.

Shopify on Facebook

Here’s an example of meta-tags in action on Google. As you can see, sometimes Google truncates the meta-title, but the meta description is displayed.

The Winner

It’s a tie. Either Shopify or Lemonstand will equally satisfy your needs regarding meta-tagging.

Shopify on Google

If you do not write custom meta titles and descriptions, they will be autopopulated with your product title and the first text that appears on the page. It’s best to write custom titles and descriptions for every product, page, and blog post on your site.

Meta titles should be limited to 58 characters.

Meta descriptions should be limited to 160 characters.