We’ve all seen Related Products in various forms on other websites. Like on Amazon it’s the “Frequently Bought Together” or “Customers Who Bought This Also Bought” sections. On other website it may say “You may also like” or something of that nature.

Lemonstand offers related products as a core feature. You can choose one or more other products to appear on each individual product page. Here’s what the option looks like on a Lemonstand product page:

Lemonstand Related Products

Shopify has a few options for displaying “related products” or “product recommendations”:

  1. With a related products app, which I see a few available that range in price from Free to $70/month.
  2. Using code to insert products from the same Collection into your product template
  3. Using code to insert products with the same Tags, if you used tags that is.
  4. Sometimes the feature is built into the theme (usually using similar code as the above solutions, but done for you)

The Winner

I’m going to give the win to Lemonstand for  having an integrated related products solution. Shopify certainly has plenty of easy options in their App marketplace if you’re willing to spend the money. Some apps help to automate the selection process of the related products, whereas with Lemonstand’s core feature, you have to manually choose which items appear (which may or may not be a good thing depending on what you’re after).

But don’t forget that with Lemonstand you can customize anything and integrate with most 3rd party services. So even though there aren’t apps available, you can still pull off the same things on Lemonstand with some development.