Product Descriptions are where you write about your product.

There are Long Descriptions (which are your primary ones), and Short Descriptions, which are usually limited to a certain number of characters.

Long Descriptions

Shopify and Lemonstand both have Long Descriptions with similar features. Using a built-in WYSIWYG editor, you can add text, images, videos, links, and basic HTML on either platform.

Here’s Shopify’s WYSIWYG editor: 

Shopify WYSIWYG Editor

Here’s Lemonstand’s WYSIWYG Editor:

Lemonstand WYSIWYG Editor

You can see that they are pretty similar, like most standard WYSIWYG Editors on WordPress or e-mail.

Short Descriptions

Short descriptions are optional and can be placed anywhere within the product template. For example, you  may have a short description that reads “Wear your love for cats!” that appears right under the Product Name. Then later on the page underneath the product options, your long description would go into detail about the t-shirt design, fabric and sizing details, shipping info, etc.

Lemonstand supports Short Descriptions by default.

Shopify does not have Short Descriptions, but there are a couple alternatives:

  1. Display a shortened version of the long description. You can use the “truncate” command to pull the first 100 characters from the primary description and display them somewhere else in the template. This is cool, but not ideal because I’d prefer to write short descriptions of various sizes instead of defaulting to the first XX characters of the primary description. Otherwise not every first 100 characters of a description make sense in isolation.
  2. You can create custom fields or “meta fields” to store additional snippets of information about each product. However, that’s no ideal because the information is stored in your theme and not your product database.

The Winner

Lemonstand wins this round by having the built-in ability to add Short Descriptions to your product  info and templates. This may not be relevant to everyone, but there is a lot you can do with the feature and it’s nice to have.