Collections are used differently on Shopify and Lemonstand.

Shopify Collections

Shopify utilizes collections in lieu of categories. For example, on Shopify you would group products into collections for things like:

  • clothes for men, women, youth, children, babies
  • item types like lamps, mirrors, tables, rugs
  • products on sale, clearance, or discount
  • items of a certain size or color
  • seasonal products or items specific to a certain holiday

LemonStand utilizes categories in the way that Shopify uses collections. On Lemonstand you would use categories and sub-categories for the things mentioned above.

Lemonstand Collections

Lemonstand collections are used more sparingly than on Shopify. Where on Shopify, most likely every product would fit into a collection, on Lemonstand, every product would fit into a category and only specific items would go into collections.

One of the more common usages for product collections on Lemonstand would be to display a list of featured products on your home page. Or to compile products from multiple categories into a group of items specific to a person. For example, you may group items from various categories into the “Animal Lovers Collection” or “Superhero Collection”.

The Winner

Lemonstand is the winner for me. I like the way they let you group items into categories and sub-categories as opposed to collections and tags on Shopify. However, both methods technically get the job done.