Stores love gift cards because for some crazy reason there’s a percentage of people out there who never use their gift cards. So the stores sell cash revenue that’s never redeemed for merchandise. Not me… I’ve never let a gift card lapse. That’s crazy to throw money away, especially with websites like Gift Card Rescue where you can sell your gift cards for cash (if you were to ever get one for a store you don’t shop at). Anyway, gift cards are a nice feature for a store.

Lemonstand does not have a gift card feature. It’s currently in last place on their Road Map so it might be a hot minute before they get to that one.

Shopify offers a very basic gift card feature on their Pro Plans and higher. With Shopify gift cards, you can:

  • Set the price increments available for sale (example: you could only sell a $10, $25, and $50)
  • Customize the image on the digital gift card
  • Customize the e-mail messages that deliver the gift cards
  • E-mail customers account balance
  • Create gift cards (without a purchase) for customer loyalty or promotions
  • The gift card user can spread the amount out over multiple purchases (ie: doesn’t have to be used all at once)

Note: There is one thing worth pointing out that Shopify Gift Cards does not do, and that is automatically deliver the Gift Card to the Recipient. On many websites, the Buyer can purchase the Gift Card, enter the Recipients name, e-mail, and a personal message, and the Gift Card is delivered to the recipient upon purchase. Shopify does not work that way. With Shopify, the Gift Card is only delivered to the Buyer who then has to forward the e-mail to the Recipient.  The Gift Card with Shopify is essentially a code number, delivered via e-mail like this:

Shopify Gift Card Example

The Buyer can either forward that e-mail to the Recipient or print the card.

I’ve always that thought system of delivery was a bit cumbersome, but I guess it works. Although anyone with that code can ultimately use the gift card balance, so it’s best to keep it private (ie: don’t post a gift card on your friend’s Facebook wall!)

Physical Gift Cards can also be purchased from Shopify to either mail to customers or use in combination with your POS terminal if you have a brick and mortar location.

The Winner

A win for Shopify just for showing up to the game!

Gift Cards seem like a pretty basic feature for Lemonstand to not have. I was surprised to discover that with such an advanced discount engine, they didn’t have a gift card feature at all, since they work in similar ways. Since it’s on their Roadmap, I’ll update this site when it’s added, but there’s no time frame on their roadmap.