Shopify and Lemonstand both offer discount code / coupon features, but their capabilities differ. I’ll explain further.

Here is the page in Shopify where you’d add a discount code:

Shopify Discounts Options

Shopify discount codes let you set the:

  • The name of the coupon code
  • Start and End Dates (or no expiration)
  • Number of times the discount code can be used (or infinite)
  • Whether it’s a set price amount off (like $5 off) or a percentage (like 15% off)

Minimal options but enough to get the job done. Additionally, Shopify integrates with some Apps that work in conjunction with this discount feature. For example, an affiliate management software may create a unique coupon code for every affiliate so you can track referral sales with discount codes instead of link cookies.

Here is the page in Lemonstand where you’d add a discount code:

Lemonstand Discount Options

Lemonstand discounts let you set the:

  • The name of the discount and code
  • Max number of uses
  • Max number of uses per customer (Shopify can’t do)
  • Which Customer Groups can use it (Shopify doesn’t have customer groups)
  • Start date and end date

Next if you click the Actions link, you reveal the following options:

Lemonstand Discount Actions

This is where you enter the fixed price sale amount (like $5 off) or percentage (like 15% off).

Lemonstand gives you the additional option of whether the code discounts the entire cart or each individual item in the cart. For example, $5 off an entire order versus $5 every t-shirt in the cart could lead to very different sub-totals.

There’s also the option to terminate other discounts if this one is activated. That way, for example, your “10% off first orders” discount code wouldn’t be used in combination with your “$5 off your first t-shirt” promotion.

But the options don’t end there. Now that you’ve created a discount in Lemonstand, you can set conditional rules. After you’ve clicked “Save” on  your discount code, a new option appears called “Conditions”.

Condition Types

Lemonstand Discount Actions Conditions

For example, I could set a discount code called “25off” which gives a customer $25 off their first $100 spent in the store, but the code doesn’t work until they have at least $100 in their cart.

You can also add multiple conditions to the same rule. For example, you could say “$25 off their first $100 spent on t-shirts”. So now the cart has to have a minimum of $100 worth of items from the T-shirts category. ($60 in T-Shirts and $40 in Pants wouldn’t trigger the discount. They’d need an additional $40 in T-Shirts added to the cart.)

Using Discount Conditions in Lemonstand, you can create promotions like “Buy 1 Get 1 Half Off” or “$10 off your 3rd t-shirt”.

The Winner

Lemonstand gets a big win in this category. Lemonstand’s discount engine is far superior to Shopify’s. If discount codes will play a role in your marketing, you may benefit from the added options available with Lemonstand.