Shopify Free Trial

Shopify offers a 14 Day Free Trial on all of their plans, except for their Plus Plan, which you can’t auto-enroll into anyway.

During the trial, you can do access every feature Shopify offers and build your entire site, up until you activate a live store on a real domain. During the trial, you’ll be developing your store on a sub-domain like and then your paid plan will start when you publish the site to (or whatever your domain is). After you activate your real domain, your sub-domain will forward to your real domain, as you can see demonstrated in my example links which both lead to the same place.

If this website is helpful to you, please click on one of the Shopify affiliate links (like that one) before signing up for the trial. The commission I earn on Shopify referrals helps pay for the cost of keeping this site updated and online.

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