Do you want to compare Shopify and Lemonstand to see which e-commerce platform is right for your online store?

This website helps you compare features, pricing, and capabilities between Shopify and Lemonstand. If you’re a business owner creating your own store, or a developer who is new to either software, I hope my research saves you time and helps you make an educated decision.

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About this site.

I started developing client stores on Shopify a few years ago. I had to become familiar with Shopify’s capabilities and limitations, because what a software can’t do is super important to know before you start developing a store. I’ve learned that Shopify is a perfect solution for some projects, but not for others.

Enter Lemonstand. I came across this company while doing my yearly search for “best Shopify alternatives”. I try and keep up-to-date with the best hosted e-commerce solutions on the market because that’s how I prefer to develop stores. Server management, security, and PCI compliance can be a headache for store owners and in most cases it’s easier and more cost effective to develop stores on hosted platforms. With that, however, means I have to work within the capabilities and limitations of that platform, which is why I like to keep my options open and see what else is out there besides Shopify, even though I think they’re great.

I am impressed with Lemonstand’s “integrated” approach of offering a wide selection of built-in core features, as opposed to “outsourcing” capabilities to their App Marketplace. Shopify starts at a lower monthly fee than Lemonstand for their Basic Plan, but some features that come built-in with Lemonstand require Apps that have their own monthly fees.  Price aside though, it’s often easier to get support from one company than dealing with multiple App developers if something goes wrong. That’d be a big plus to using Lemonstand.

After I researched Lemonstand, I considered developing a store on their platform (a personal project, not for a client), so I took the time to dig even deeper into their current capabilities/limitations and compare them in detail to Shopify. This website is basically a compilation of my notes, plus a few extra tips that I thought would be helpful if you’re new to e-commerce in general.

As of writing this, I have not yet developed a website on Lemonstand. In the end, I went with Shopify for my project because it was fastest to market. I did not want to take the time to learn an entire new platform before launching that store. Instead, I will continue to learn Lemonstand in the coming months and I’ll update this site as I go. I created a demo store at Lemonstand to help with my comparison research.

I hope that this website saves you the many hours that I put into compiling the information and working with both platforms. In addition to saving you time, you may learn things about choosing an e-commerce solution that you did not know to consider before, so this site could be valuable to shop owners who aren’t necessarily choosing between Shopify and Lemonstand, but searching for an e-commerce solution in general.

I am a Partner Affiliate with both Shopify and Lemonstand. If you use links on this website to sign-up to either platform I’ll earn a commission, which helps pay for keeping this website hosted and updated. I appreciate those who support this project and use my affiliate links.

This website isn’t intended to sell you on Shopify or Lemonstand. At this point, you’ve already come to the conclusion that you will potentially utilize one of those platforms. Instead, I’ve built it to help you make an educated decision.

Leave a comment if you have any questions and I’ll reply there. Please also make note in the comments if any of this information is wrong or has changed and I will update accordingly. Thank you for any help keeping this information up to date.

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